Thursday, May 16, 2019

How do you know the people yelling "Racist!" are full of shit?

Ferdinand Protzman, the chief of staff for the school administration and a 1975 graduate of Oberlin College, was on the stand Friday morning to testify why he didn’t think the school’s decisions to cut business ties with the little local bakery was a good idea after students launched a protest claiming Gibson’s was racist. The racist claim came about because students were upset that Gibson’s caught three African-American students shoplifting in November of 2016.
And were beating on the employee who chased after them.  So of course the employee is a violent racist, and the store is run by racists.  And they must pay.

And you know the college is run by leftist idiots when they tolerate this:
Gibson’s attorney Lee Plakas asked Protzman what was the reason for cutting ties with the business they had worked with for more than a century. He pointed out emails from various administrators that the student might have throw a “tantrum” on campus, specifically in the cafeteria while eating dinner, and that might be a good reason to get their cookies and bagels elsewhere.
“The concern was that the students were angry?” Plakas asked. “The fear was that angry students would throw food [made by Gibson’s] on the floor [of the cafeteria] and stomp on it?”
“Yes, that was one of the concerns,” Protzman answered.
“Doesn’t that sound more like a nursery school than a college?” Plakas continued.
“Nursery school students do throw food on the floor, yes,” Protzman said, adding “We are not the students’ parents,” as the reason the school could not tell the students to quit threatening to throw food on the floor and eat their dinner like nice people do.
The proper response to that threat would have been "You are not children, you are young adults and will behave as such.  Anyone involved in such actions will be punished."  But that would require administrators who care more about education than about showing how sensitive and caring they are toward spoiled brats.

Further demonstration of asshats running the place:
...Jason Hawk, who was editor of the Oberlin News Tribune, with a print circulation of less than 1,000 in 2016, testified he was repeatedly blocked from taking photos of the protest by Dean Meredith Raimondo, and was handed a flyer calling Gibson’s racist by Raimondo. [You can read Hawk’s deposition testimony on Raimondo’s involvement here.]
This, by the way, while the college clowns claimed they were only there to try to calm things down.

I hope the bakery winds up owning the morons involved.

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