Thursday, May 09, 2019

The food police might be wrong(again)?

One more time.

Few years back, when the FP had another reversal on something, I did some reading.  Then did some more.  Came to the conclusion that they were full of crap, and went back to using butter, and saving bacon grease for cooking, and stopped worrying about eating meat.

Couple of years after that my doctor insisting I should get a full physical, and when the results came back he'd written on the bottom "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it".  So I have.

I suggest as a start, if you're interested, the book mentioned in the post, The Big Fat Surprise.  That's one of those I ran across, and it has a real good look at the history of the nutrition research* that got us into this mess.
Added: here's another one

*Some of which is a disgrace to the name.

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Beans said...

Same results here. Started cooking with bacon grease for most grease things, not using any veggie oils except for deep frying, and cholesterol has dropped.

Plus, well, I now have to harvest bacon grease... which means having to eat bacon, oh, darned.