Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tab clearing

Ancient Egyptian sunken ship.

Evidence of a battle that stopped the Spanish moving eastward into the plains.

What leftists should know about Trump voters.
Good piece.  And "Us flyover-country people just loves Trump!" isn't on there.

Hey, ignoring the piles of bodies Socialism! piles up is what socialists do best.

Some people REALLY don't want these Epstein documents unsealed.
And there's a serious list of the people who could be the 'anonymous' here.

The CDC has been lying about this for a long time.  It's why they got a boot in the ass about 'gun research' a few years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Well The republican party has introduced S-7. A Federal "red flag law " that will allow door to door mass gun confiscation. Trump says he looks forward to signing it. So much for MAGA.---Ray