Saturday, March 02, 2019


At least it is to idiots.
The 2015 recommendation meant that wages among fast-food restaurant workers in New York City would rise to $15 an hour by December 2018. A survey published near the end of 2018 found “76.50% of full service restaurant respondents reduced employee hours, and 36.30% eliminated jobs in 2018 … 75% of limited service restaurant respondents report that they will reduce employee hours, and 53.10% will eliminate jobs in 2019 as a result of mandated wage increases that took effect on December 31, 2018. … When the tip wage increased 50% in 2015, and since doubled, annual employment growth dropped from 6.67% to less than 1% as of November 2018.”
Take an industry that generally operates on a VERY small margin, and order them to raise wages so you can tell people "I'm saving you!"  And expect anything other than this to happen.

Well done, Gov. Howler!  I imagine your next speech will be telling the restaurant owners they're unfeeling bastards that you'll go after for daring to try to stay in business.


Anonymous said...

They already are talking of forcing owners to hire back those laid off.


Firehand said...

Oh yeah, that'll work.

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