Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why so many people have come to distrust, despise, and sometimes flat out hate cops

A: These two sorry excuses for peace officers did this.

B: Wheatcroft and Chapman were charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer—Chapman evidently hit one of the officers in the head with a bag during the confusion—and spent months behind bars because they could not afford bail. Chapman eventually plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to get of jail and reclaim her children.

C: The Glendale police gave Schneider a mere three-day suspension: In a statement, the department neglected to mention the use of the taser on the groin, noting only that "a review of the officers' actions has been performed and discipline implemented regarding certain tactics used by one officer."
And there's no mention of any punishment for Lindsey.  For some reason.

Throw in that something like this doesn't just happen: they did this because they figured they would get away with it.  What does that tell you about Glendale PD?

And I'll bet the chief likes to bitch and whine about people not supporting these asshats.

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