Monday, February 11, 2019

Virginia isn't having a clown show; clowns

can keep their mouth shut.  This is a first-class shitstorm:
“We are now at the 400-year anniversary — just 90 miles from here in 1619. The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe, and while—,” Northam said, before King cut him off.

“Also known as slavery,” King said.

“Yes,” Northam responded.
He called slaves 'indentured servants'.*  In an interview.  On top of all the other crap he's said.

The Democrat Governor of Virginia, folks.

Now let's add in they were hoping he'd go away and let the Democrat Lt. Gov. take over, right up until the Lt. was accused- by multiple women now- of rape.   Ok, so the Attorney General is next in line.  Except he's confessed to playing with blackface, like the Governor.  And at least one Democrat has admitted they won't push him to resign, because if those three all go the next in line to be Governor is a Republican.  Better the good Democrats with a past of blackface and sexual assault than that!

*Yes, some 'indentured servants' were no more than slaves under a different name; doesn't change how effing stupid this was.


pigpen51 said...

I don't even care if they keep any one of the three Democrats in office. I just find it thrilling that they are going through such a kerfluffle trying to keep from having to put a Republican in place. Because 3, not 2 not even 1, of the Democrats are so horrible, that they should not be able to stay in the governors office.
One would think that the next election for governor should be a fairly easy win for even a Republican, there in Virginia. But Republicans, being who they are, will of course, screw that up, and run a Roy Moore, or someone who used to sleep with his sister or have sex with the neighbors goat or something that will come out at the last minute and give the win to the Democrats. It does make the first 2 minutes of the television news worth watching before I change the channel now.

Anonymous said...

I think the difference between indentured servitude and slavery was that the indentured person volunteered to their time and work in exchange for someone paying for their passage to the New World or other reason. A slave was a slave, taken unwillingly and served their owner as long as they wanted.

It isn't as if slavery is gone - there are still slaves in Africa, why doesn't CNN go and interview them to see how Life is treating them ? You would think that the Left thinks slavery existed because of White Doods in America - not so !

riverrider said...

I couldn't care less about the blackface crap, it was a parity, get over it. I can even overlook, with distaste, his view of murdering kids post birth. but what I can't abide, because it proves he's a liar and has no honor, is that he claims to be against "assault rifles" because he treated so many horrible wounds in desert storm. he was stationed in a hospital in the far rear in Germany that never treated the wounded and was a pediatric neurologist. liar! the lt gov is guilty as hell, statement analysis proves it and I predict yet more women will come out with charges on him. he is a predator and has been for so time. the ag is a liar and a fraud. he took grant money earmarked for battered women and used it to build a new office and go on "retreats" with all his staff. then had the gaul to claim he was all about helping battered women, with gun control of course. va is broken, and yankee transplants moving to northern va broke it. took 153 years, but they finally got did it.

Firehand said...

Yes, the Stupid Party can generally screw up just about anything.

Indentured and slave were two very different things. That he referred to slaves as the other... that's some serious brain trouble.

General rule: I'm against trying to ruin someone because they did something dumb as a teenager, assuming they learned better over time. However, these asshats have been doing exactly that for years, and having people try to apply their own damned rules to them makes me happy.
Yeah, liars and knaves one and all. Watching their party mostly try to cover for them is entertaining as hell, and I intend to beat some people over the head with it at appropriate times.