Monday, February 11, 2019

Scene from the range

Found out that the S&W .380EZ on the rental rack had been taken to the gunsmith for some work(not sure what, too busy to find out).

We got the thing six or eight months ago, as I recall.  While that doesn't sound like very long, that thing has been rented a LOT.  And every time it's had one box of ammo put through it, sometimes more; it's been fired more in those months than an average user would in, oh, probably ten years(considering the usual practice rate you hear about for pistols of the sort, probably more.  A lot more.)  And this is the first problem it's had.

And most of the people who shot it really liked it, especially older ladies who have arthritis or other problems that limit how well they can work a slide.  Being bigger than most .380 pocket pistols doesn't hurt, either: more to hold on to.

No, .380 isn't an ideal self-defense cartridge, but as has been said, it beats hell out of nothing.  It in a firearm someone has no trouble handling, that's worth a lot.


Anonymous said...

Good to know. I own a Kel-Tec P3AT and while it is extremely small, light and concealable, it is NOT FUN at all to shoot, even in the mouse gun .380 ACP. Reminds me of a Black Cat firecracker going off in your hand when I was a kid. Much better with gloves for sure.

Firehand said...

I've fired a Ruger LCP, same thing there: it's not a pleasant one to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Should have added above - like the 380EZ pistol, the Bersa Thunder 380 is much more pleasant to shoot. Not really a deep conceal pistol but the larger size and heftier weight makes it easier to shoot. I wish they made one like that in .45ACP.