Friday, February 22, 2019

Found out there's a company in Australia that makes

a pointed jacketed bullet for .310 Cadet.  And some people get very good accuracy with it.

But you can't get them here; exporting them from Australia is apparently a first-class bureaucratic nightmare.



Anonymous said...

Time to find an Aussie pen pal.

Anonymous said...

Link? Description? Bullet weight/velocity???

Details, please.

Firehand said...

I'll look it up later; for tonight I'm done in.

For some reason it takes longer to recover than it used to.

Firehand said...

It was a mention in a Fecesbook post in the .310 Cadet Shooters forum. And now it's not to be found.

They were 120-grain pointed, looked like a standard spitzer except for the heel. I'll keep looking, maybe it'll turn up

Firehand said...

Did some asking around, it's a place called The Bullet Factory in Queensland. Was informed they're closed for a few weeks, but should reopen