Saturday, February 23, 2019

And if the deputy had been killed, the 'sanctuary' asshats would've been just fine with that;

after all, she was part of the oppressors, or something.
The illegal immigrant killed Sunday in a shootout with a California cop had been deported three times and arrested and released over ICE's objection on several occasions -- including cases involving the very department whose officer took him down in a dramatic exchange caught on her body cam.
Immigration officials said Thursday that the shooting and the man’s death could have been prevented, but California’s state law prohibited them from arresting the Mexican citizen with a long rap sheet and multiple deportations.
'long rap sheet', wonder what that might entail?
prior arrests for DUI, resisting arrests and possession of a firearm. There was a warrant for his arrest at the time of the shooting.
Yeah, I'll bet the department is real happy about this 'protect the illegals from ICE' crap.

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