Sunday, June 17, 2018

British Policing...

Yeah, tell me again how we should be more like (formerly Great)Britain.
Had the police car remained there, the whole incident might have been contained. But the police were then reassigned to join the hunt for a man on the loose with a knife.

So, having received ‘assurances’ from the travellers already on site that they would be leaving in a couple of days, the cops drove off. At which point the poor security guard could only stand back as the rest of a cavalcade of trucks and caravans piled in through the gates. Around 100 travellers started taking the place apart.
"Don't worry, we'll be leaving when we finish looting the place."
"Oh, that's all right, then."
First questions coming to mind: are the cops of Lancashire actually that incompetent/chickenshit, or paid off?  Because this started on Saturday, and on MONDAY AFTERNOON,
‘We negotiated with the travellers to encourage them to move, which they eventually did,’ Superintendent Andrea Barrow told the BBC. Having issued a statement noting the ‘co-operation’ of the travellers, the police presumably hoped that this would be the end of the story. In fact, it is just the start.

Among the excuses:
The Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes, went on Radio Lancashire a few days later to assure people that ‘arrests will be made’, though he added: ‘Logistically, we can’t just lock up 100 people. We don’t know who had done what because we don’t have the evidence.’
That might be because YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR DAMNED JOB.

Robert Peel and various others are spinning in their graves sufficient to end the Brit energy problems for the next hundred years.


Toastrider said...

What the hell are 'travellers', and where do they spawn from in hundred-strong gangs that can tear up a brewery this way?

Storyteller said...

"Travelers" are the Irish/Brit equivalent of Gypsies. Check out "Snatch" or "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels".