Monday, November 19, 2018

They really don't like questions that show either

they don't know what the hell they're talking about, or their intention to ban everything.
First he throws out this bullshit:
Would you limit the ban and confiscation to semi-auto rifles or would you extend the ban to semi-auto handguns also, seeing as they’re illegally used many times over more in crimes such as homicide?
Fair question. Rifles. They’re more powerful and cause more carnage when used with a pistol-grip. See @ScottPelley @60Minutes piece."Oh noes, the deadly pistol grip!"  The ignorance is just oozing out, isn't it?  Or he could know it's bullshit, and is playing the 'use anything to scare people' game; personally, I'm betting on ignorance.

And then the good one:
Can you explain to me the difference between assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles? Is .223 ok but 30.06 not? Why?
Response: silence.  Because an answer that actually requires more than "Evil features!" is apparently beyond him. 

Oh, Swalwell?  Once again: you can't 'buy back' something that YOU NEVER OWNED, you thieving asshole.

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