Monday, September 17, 2018

"Why don't you care what the rest of the world thinks of us?"

Or the connected "Do you know how bad we look to the world?" and other such bullshit.  One of the many reasons I don't give a rats ass, from 9/12 and our European 'betters':
Night fell and morning broke before I managed to get off that floor to answer my phone. On the other end I heard my boyfriend’s voice, chanting frantically:

Two more towers! Two more towers! Two more towers!

He and his friends were having a party, celebrating the attack on America. He called to invite me, and to this day I have never felt such intense shame.
Yeah, they were 'one with us'.  Until they realized we were actually going to DO something about it, then they turned.
A few weeks later, that beautiful creed had already been forgotten. The one time my country could side with the U.S. was when America was on its knees, but when it refused to stay down it quickly went back to the smug relativism of World War II, the icy efficiency of a country never having to fight for either ethics or its existence.

Soon enough, the narrative was clear. The end of the story had already been written: The U.S. was unjustly acting as the world police, once again. Bush was a moron and a puppet. America was killing innocent people for oil. It went on and on, and all I could think was that if I know that these things are not true, then what other lies have I accepted as truth throughout my life?

They're just like the Palestinians who danced in the streets and gave away candy to celebrate. 

Right now they're playing Martyrs and Saints by trying to let as many muslim immigrants in as possible, and if you think there should be some kind of background checks you're a racist.  One of those poor immigrants commits a horrible crime, they're pretty much excused, and to hell with the victims.  You protest about this?  You're a racist and bigot and the .gov will come after you for not going with the Preferred Narrative.

And the idiots in charge can one and all go to hell.

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