Saturday, September 22, 2018

I'm watching some peole on Bookface lose their freaking minds


The question is "Investigate WHAT?  An accusation over something that, if it happened, was more than thirty years ago,
uncertain place,
uncertain time,
uncertain PEOPLE,
no evidence,
no corroborating witnesses(those who the accuser said could back her up have said 'Didn't happen' or 'Wasn't there').
There's nothing to investigate.  And no, "She has notes from her therapist from that talk thirty years later!" is not evidence.  Especially when she told the therapist it was four boys, she now says the therapist got that wrong, etc.

Let's say she really was messed with by two drunk guys.  Nasty experience, should've reported it then.  Of course, the fact that, apparently, everybody there was illegally drinking and being stupid meant nobody would want to.  Or she could've been drunk off her ass and things didn't happen the way she remembers.  Which is where we're back to "What the hell do we investigate?"

The way she brought this up doesn't help matters at all.  Then Feinstein brought her special touch to this and really fucked it up.  IF Kavanaugh was involved in this, she pretty much trashed any chance at any real investigation by using it as she did.  And now, it could be proven beyond reasonable doubt he wasn't near the place and for the left it wouldn't matter: "He's a rapist, everything he does is tainted!", etc.

If we do wind up in a civil war, Feinstein and company ought to be hanged first.  For both the other things they've done, and for the damage they've done to women who really have been sexually assaulted.

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Another person of the "participation trophy" generation. Needs constant validation that their use of MY oxygen is an okay thing.