Friday, July 06, 2018

The actual solution would involve a whipping post,

tar & feathers, and the replacements for the current council being made to watch.  To be sure they understand the lesson.

More of those poor children with Pelosi's 'spark of divinity' we're supposed to feel all compassionate for.

Ever notice the people pushing this don't seem to feel much compassion for the victims and their families?

Leftists really are violent bastards, aren't they?
This weekend, a leftist took photos of me at a restaurant, tweeted them out saying she'd punch me in the head if someone sent her $50, told her friends I should die, & told the manager to kill himself. This is EXACTLY why I carry.

Assault and theft on some kids is 'rash retaliation'.
Passing the video around is "... right-wingers have opted for an unethical approach to the viral video.”

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