Friday, July 06, 2018

Sounds a lot like the Marion Zimmer Bradley mess,

does it not?
Rozanna, now a 55-year-old anthropologist, author and autism researcher, characterises the Lilley family’s home as a “party house”. Her older sister Kate, 57, a poet and associate professor of English at the University of ­Sydney, is far more blunt. “It was just — as an acquaintance says — like a brothel without payment.”

“People liked having us at a party. We were these nubile girls, we were interesting jailbait objects,” says Kate, who claims she was sexually assaulted by a film producer at 15 and raped by a visiting poet several months later.
While the #MeToo movement has ­unearthed many grave allegations of sexual miscon­duct within the arts and entertainment business in recent months, the Lilley sisters’ story has an unsettling twist: both agree it was their mother, a revered feminist and left-wing radical, who encouraged their early ­sexualisation.
And on one of the slimeballs who raped these underage girls,
Interestingly, in 2011 Ellis wrote a piece for the ABC’s now-defunct Drum website, then edited by wayward #metoo advocate Jonathan Green, in which he defended creative types who were accused of pedophilia:
Ellis named several historical figures, including Shakespeare, he thought might be pedophiles, and said it would have been a shame if their desire to have sex with children had eventually stopped them from working.
He named other men accused of sexual harassment, including filmmaker Roman Polanski (who was accused of child rape), saying the "tactic" of having women accuse them of assault in order to silence them "works very well".
This is... 'disgusting' is a start, but I can't properly describe this.

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Anonymous said...

No different than the lefties now protesting the shutting down of that child sex trafficing ring. Or the number of politicians who support pedophiles.