Thursday, July 05, 2018

That it required an appeals court to get this right is disgusting;

but that the school clowns did this in the first place is worse.
During a sixth-grade choir class, an assistant principal allegedly ordered a mass, suspicionless strip search of the underwear of twenty-two preteen girls. All agree the search violated the girls’ constitutional rights under Texas and federal law. Even so, the district court dismissed the girls’ lawsuit against the school district for failure to state a claim. We reverse.
The school admitted it violated the students' rights. It admitted it performed a search without justification or guiding policies. It all but started cutting settlement checks and yet the lower court said no viable claim was made by the plaintiffs.
I'm halfway surprised some parents didn't give the idiots involved a beating, which they earned.

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pigpen51 said...

Those involved, had it been my child, could have kept the money, to help pay for my lawyer after I finished beating the shit out of all of them. Who in their right mind thinks that this is in any way, shape, or form, is acceptable to do to any group, especially children, and especially even more, female children.
These idiots on the looney left are going to keep pushing and eventually those of us on the right, who actually have a working brain, are going to start to push back, only we know how to push harder.
As has been said before, the stupid, it is strong with those people.