Monday, April 16, 2018

Yeah, and there's nothing political about the Children's March, either.

The man leading an Arizona teacher protest that labels itself as "bipartisan" has in the past year worked with partisan election groups launched by Democratic operatives after the 2016 election and was hired last year to manage a Democrat's campaign.
Karvelis, however, has allied himself with Ducey's political opponents. He has openly admitted that the idea of the #RedforEd protest—for all teachers to wear red on Wednesdays to show solidarity—was Arizona union boss Joe Thomas's idea. He said in a recent interview that his group has a "powerful relationship" with Thomas's Arizona Education Association and that he has worked with them to "discuss further steps" and a possible strike.

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thinkingman said...

I'm going to propose something I've been mulling over for some time- maybe this is a place to do so, maybe someone else will wish to take credit for same to garner some undeserved attention, maybe, if correctly handled, it can gain traction and force some takers and users to put THEIR money where their mouths are.
I propose a USER FEE to be imposed on a per student basis, to be paid by those whose children are enrolled in public schools. The fee should be substantial enough to actually cover some expenses.
I would also propose that those who are not to be directly impacted by a tax proposal , DO NOT GET TO VOTE ON WHETHER OR NOT TO APPROVE A TAX INCREASE. ( Example- renters do not get to vote to raise property taxes on home owners for any purpose )
Trust me on this;there are a good many home owners who are being bled to death by ever increasing property taxes being heaped upon them by those who rent, and have children in public school.
Lets give them an opportunity to prove how much THEY value their children's education by giving them some "skin in the game". Their desires have just about skinned me, and I have NO children in public school. They should be willing to INVEST in THEIR children's education.
Parents of home schooled children would have a reduced rate- noting that there is still need for compliance monitoring of the student's education, a Gov't function. Parents of privately schooled students would be exempt- they are paying more for their kids already, and have more to show for it.
Just my 0.02