Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oh, and about that marvelous NHS in Canada,

First, some context: “Queen’s Park stopped talking with Ontario’s doctors back in January and is cutting services to save money… In early February, the provincial government decreed that medical services be cut by an average of 5 per cent. This includes a cut to all doctors’ fees by 3 per cent as well as cuts to primary care and specialist services originally designed to assist complex patients. ”

Now the most important quote in the article: “If doctors see more patients than the arbitrary limit the government has set — government will force physicians to pay back any amount over their imposed limit.”
My, doesn't that sound wonderful?  And this is the crap the left wants controlling our lives here.


Anonymous said...

"Oh Canada, Glorious and free.." Well maybe not medical cae.

Anonymous said...

Free, right. The provincial government will spend over $50B this year on health care. That all came from taxpayers. There is even an Ontario health surtax, I pay an extra $750 every year.

Nineteen years ago I was injured at work. I waited 8 months to be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon, then another 8 months to have the operation. I was told I was fast-tracked as I was a workmans-comp case and was costing the government money.

You don't want the government in charge of anything, but especially not health care.