Friday, April 27, 2018

Well, they kneecapped Sanders, so

why would doing the same to others be a surprise?

As Townhall's Elizabeth Yore reports, "69 GOP (and 1 Dem) [voted] for the bill and 77 Dems and Independents [voted[ against an FGM bill that would criminalize female genital mutilation."
The defense is "It doesn't happen here!", but some slight problems with that.

What happens when the people in charge actually want to win, instead of doing continual virtue-signaling:
"The Russian high command in Syria assured us it was not their people, and my direction to the chairman was for the force, then, to be annihilated," Mattis said. "And it was."

'All about and by the children'?  My ass it is.
Here is the principal of Fleming Island High School in Clay County, Florida confiscating Gadsden flags that students had brought to counter the heavily Anti Gun activity of March 24 of this year.
In Marion County, School Superintendent, Dr Heidi Maier has been identified as the one organizing the county-wide March of Our Lives the same date. It is being said that she gave orders to teachers to engage themselves in organizing “events”, to create and distribute polls to be taken by students, what they were supposed to talk about with the students during those “events” and even “convince them” to take the poll since this was supposed to be a student-driven initiative and the students may have been less than enthusiastic about more politics.

One of the questions asked by the teachers during the talks had to do about what the state and federal governments could do to avoid violence in schools, a not so disingenuous way to call for more Gun Control. At least in one school, Belleview High School, the first question had to do with instituting mental health checks as requisite to buy firearms.

My Sentiment.  Go read, here's a taste:
I am an angry, vengeful, mean fucking person.  The only way to stop your people from being put into mass graves is to put the people who are trying to put you into mass graves in mass graves.
It doesn’t sound noble but it is the undeniable lesson of history.
I think you'll approve of the ending.

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