Monday, April 23, 2018

Scenes from the range

Guy had been banned from the range, oh, two days before.  For breaking several rules, and lying about it.  And then shows up thinking- apparently- "Nobody will remember."

Oh yes, there's a note on your record.  That's a surprise?

And then he argued with the guy who informed him of this.  And then argued with the manager.  Because all that 'safety rules' crap shouldn't apply to him.

Yes, it does, asshat.  Which is why, if you try coming back again, you'll be told 'No'.

Happier scenes: a number of first-time shooters in the last few days, and every one of them left with that smile.  Very excellent.

I will note that we got a S&W M&P Compact .22 several months ago, and that thing has been used a lot, and there have been precisely three problems:
One idiot decided to 'adjust' the rear sight and lost the screw.
Two idiots decided to mess with the takedown latch and partially disassembled it("It just stopped working!")
It's kept ticking along quite nicely on a diet of Mini Mags, and all who've shot it seem to like it.

Speaking of S&W, they seem to have a problem on some guns with either not tightening some things like they should(revolver ejector rods coming loose), or using threadlocker on things they shouldn't(takedown screw on some semi-auto pistols) and not where they should(the fitting on the barrel that said screw goes into).  They really need to change that.

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taminator013 said...

Happier scenes: a number of first-time shooters in the last few days, and every one of them left with that smile. Very excellent.

I got to experience that yesterday. We had new member orientation at my rifle club yesterday and a father (new member), two daughters (one also a new member) and two sons-in-law were there. The last spot on the tour is the trap range and all the family members brought shotguns to get some informal instruction and to try out trap shooting. The bad thing is that four of their shotguns were pump action, field guns and one girl had a shorter barrel more appropriate to home defense. Since I had already finished my practice I stayed around to watch. Most of them did okay for a first try at trap, but the girl with the short barreled gun was having a lot of trouble hitting anything and was getting a bit frustrated. The trainer asked me if I would open the safe and get her one of the guns used for instruction. They're more for youth trap lessons and I thought that they would be a bit short for her, so I put mine back together and let her use it. You should have seen the smile on her face and eyes light up when she started breaking a bunch of birds. At one station she killed three, missed one, then nailed the fourth. After she was done shooting you would have sworn that she drank a gallon of high test coffee. That's how wired she was. I think I know what she's going to make her husband buy her for Christmas. I also think that I may have made some new friends...........