Friday, April 27, 2018

Tulster Holsters

Company I hadn't heard of before, they make holsters and mag carriers, and I have their S&W M&P full-size rig to try out.  This is a Kydex IWB holster

With pistol inside

Here's the mag carrier

So far I've been using them for about a week.  Initial impressions:
Well made.
Retention is adjustable on both.
The holster's been about as comfortable as such a IWB can be.

The mag carrier I've been wearing outside the belt; there's just no room in my waistband for holster and it both.  There's been no problem with the mag slipping while I walk/ride/bend over, and the pistol has stayed secure.  I will note that the package included a tube of threadlocker, and the instructions say to experiment with the retention, and when you've got it as you like it to remove the screws, use the locker, and put them back in.

I'll keep wearing it and see how it holds up, and if it stays comfortable as the weather gets warmer.

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