Tuesday, April 24, 2018

More of the Australian Model the left loves so much

...Although the same Victrix bolt-action rifle is marketed in the US as suitable for uses including “military” and “law enforcement”, in Australia the Victrix (and similar weapons) are categorised with firearms licensed for hunting and sport.
Gun control advocates have dubbed the Victrix guns “high-powered and military-style”. They warn that an increasing range of these guns – which still have design specifications that allow them to be classified as sporting and hunting firearms – have hit the Australian market.

Gun Control Australia has called for a rewrite of weapons classifications, which the group says are outdated and do not properly codify modern hi-tech guns.
Because bolt-action rifles are just as bad to these clowns as semi-auto, and they want ALL of them banned.


Anonymous said...

Man. Y'all STILL don't get it. The anti's want ALL weapons banned. Bow's and arrows,swords,knives,clubs, and anything that could be used to MAKE a weapon. WHY? Read Ted Turner or Al Gore. The hard left wants the extermination of 90+% of the human population in order to "Save The Earth Mother". Crazy as that sounds. The left has been saying it for decades. And those crazy climate change deniers won't get into the gas chambers if they have weapons.

Firehand said...

Most of us get it; there's still a few people who dream that, because they only have a pump or double-barrel shotgun or a bolt rifle, that THEY will be left alone.

Which is why I usually start something like this with "The hell they don't want your guns."

Toastrider said...

Precisely. When someone whined at me about why I was harshly reproaching the idea of an AR-15 ban, I bluntly said, 'It never stops with one. You'll be back a year later asking for more.'