Thursday, April 12, 2018

Say you know someone of the anti-2nd Amendment persuasion, and they don't understand

why you think people want to take your guns.  Usually this involves that line "Nobody wants to take your guns!  Obama never even tried!"*

They don't like it when you show them evidence like this:
“People who own guns are essentially a sickness in our souls who must be cleansed.” Colorado Senator (Majority Leader) John Morse. 2013 (Cleansed?  “Final Solution” anyone?)
Tell you what: someone not only doesn't want me to own guns but states that I 'need to be cleansed', not only tells me they damn well DO want to take our guns, but he considers me a non-human to be dealt with.  Which makes me decide to get some more ammo, because these shitstains are serious.

Yes, I know, they're effing ignorant or lying; deal with that part later.

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