Thursday, April 12, 2018

And when this doesn't work, they'll ban ALL knives in public.

or something equally stupid.  Because blaming objects for what people do just doesn't work.
So now the city intends to crack down on knives. Khan also has announced that "patrols have been stepped up with extra stop-and-search powers in place in the worst-affected areas." If London is anything like New York, those stop-and-frisk policies will target minorities and the poor at highly disproportionate rates, without achieving much of anything: In New York, stop-and-frisk searches found weapons a mere 1.2 percent of the time.
Note that Khan used to say this stop & frisk stuff was racist and probably islamophobic.  But now...

And the winner in this stupidity competition:
But that is still not enough for some. John Crichton, chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland, wants the country to ban pointed kitchen knives as well. "He first suggested the move three years ago," reported the Express last year, "but his proposal did not win enough support from policy-makers. Since then dozens of people, including schoolchildren, have lost their lives as a result of attacks involving bladed instruments."
Because dying of a stab is much worse than death by cuts.  And- assuming you could actually ban pointed knives- no one would ever think of using a grinder(or file, or piece of sidewalk) to put a point on one.

(formerly Great)Britain.  Going down the drain.

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Anonymous said...

Somewhere down the line, They'll have to outlaw broken bottles and socks full of rocks.