Friday, April 13, 2018

If they don't let this case proceed,

it'll be one more evidence of 'The system is fixed against us.' And I really don't think the cops and the city will like the result.

'Progressives'.  At a law school.
A member of the Chapter reminded the protestors that they were not allowed to interrupt me once I started. At that point, a member of the CUNY administration entered the room and walked right up to the protestors:
    All right, listen. Everybody stop. Let me tell you something. The university rules are people get to speak. You may protest. You may protest. But you may not keep anyone from speaking. If you do, I have other things to do, I will be back. Or you can resolve this yourselves. Or you can have me resolve it.

As she began to walk away, a student asked, “Why are you bringing racists into your school. Can you answer that?” “Why are you not providing support for students affected by this hate speech.”

The administrator repeated, “Did you hear me?” A student replied, “We are not children. You can’t talk to us like that.” 
 Yes you are: bad-mannered spoiled brats. And that's how an adult speaks to such.

Go read the rest; it's really not good when a law student says "Fuck the law!" and other such signs of deep thought.

The Government is Your Mother, and Mother Knows Best
The fascinating thing about this video is just how childish and patronizing it truly is. Note the bright colors, the cartoon figures, the sing-a-long verses and Mr. Rogers vibe of the host. This whole thing looks like it was designed for six year olds. This is what the Left thinks of people.

Ana Gasteyer’s argument is, essentially, that if one person does something stupid with a gun, that person has effectively ruined it for the rest of us, and all the guns must be rounded up and taken away, because clearly Americans are unable to handle them. She appoints herself Mom-in-Chief, under which the rest of us are supposed to obey like good little six year olds.

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