Saturday, February 03, 2018

Trust? The EffingBI and the DoJ?

Page: Have a meeting with turgal about getting iphone in a day or so
Strzok: Oh hot damn. . . We get around our security/monitoring issues?
Page: No, he’s proposing that we just stop following them.  Apparently the requirement to capture texts came from [Office of Management and Budget], but we’re the only org (I’m told) who is following that rule.  His point is, if no one else is doing it why should we. . .  I’m told – thought I have seen – that there is an IG report that says everyone is failing.  But one has changed anything, so why not just join in the failure.
I'd say the proper word isn't 'cavalier', it's 'corrupt'.  And what we've come to expect.  

What we've also come to expect: unless there's one helluva lot of pressure, not a damn thing will happen to the people behind this crap.

And it doesn't help when the idiots/malicious in Congress make it easier for the bastards by letting them keep using FISA to screw with us.  My Senator's one of them: when I wrote about this, he insisted that the bill reauthorizing it 'has strong safeguards'.  Yeah, just like the ones the corrupt ignored in the previous version.

To say I'm sick of this shit, would be a huge understatement.

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