Friday, December 08, 2017

One more thing to try out

I was digging around at Cast Boolits, and found a thread on paper patching that included a piece on 'what papers may be better and worse' for various reasons.  One of the 'could be very good' was coffee filter paper.

Well, I'd tried that once with a couple of filters from a coffee-drinking friend; cheap filters, didn't work worth a damn.  Big problem was that after being wrapped and dried, it wouldn't hold in place, kept unrolling off the bullet.  But the other day got hold of a couple of filters that seemed to be better quality, cut out some patches, and tried them.  Much better result: the paper holds on much better.  So now I need to lube and size them, load up a few, and- next time can get to the outdoor range- see if they shoot as well as those patched with onion skin.


Anonymous said...

Try tracing paper. It's thin and dries tight on the bullet.

B said...

I've found good quality lined paper works for me. Engineering Graph Paper works well too. Fairly cheap as well.

Lube works best for me when it is 25% petroleum jelly 10% lard and 65% beeswax.

Firehand said...

B, think you mentioned that once before; need to find/make some to try. I take it the measurements are by volume?

Tracing paper... I may have some around.

B said...

Ye, by volume. ore or less accurate. Heat gently and stir. Will set up in a jar, but won't get hard. Makes a great paper patch lube for the paper I use.