Monday, December 18, 2017

You may have noticed I like to try new cleaners and lubes

Well, short time ago ran across this stuff.  It was on sale, and hey, Research!  So picked up a bottle.  If you go by the website and what's on the bottle, it'll do everything but help you get a threesome at the bar tonight:
METCOR 57 GUN BORE CLEANER instantly cleans firearm bores to a “mirror finish” without creating a mess, noxious odors or excessive residue build-up. In just one application, this product cleans, lubricates, and protects your firearm’s bore and any other metal surface it contacts. This unique formulation dries instantly sealing the bore’s metal surface from moisture and humidity for long-term indoor storage.

There's zero instructions on the bottle, box, or website(that I can find).  So, basic test: take a rifle* fired with lubed semi-wadcutters, damp a nice white patch and push it through.

Second patch, push it through to the chamber, pull back to muzzle, then down and out.

Let it sit a few minutes, then a third patch down, up, then out.

The bore, I will say, is gleaming.  There wasn't much fouling, and it seems to have cleaned out what there was quite well.**

Upsides(so far):
No bad smell.
Seems to clean well.
Doesn't eat the nitrile gloves I wear.

Only one right now is the bottle has one of the squirt tops, which I halfway despise, as they tend to mist the whatever off to the sides to some extent. 

They also have Bore Shield, which also goes under Duck Hunter's Delight.
Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight is a botanical-based, environmentally friendly, corrosion preventative. This product is formulated with bio-renewable and bio-sustainable resources and is both bio-degradable and is chemically neutral.  Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight will protect all metal surfaces from moisture, high humidity and salt spray vapors. Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight contains no petroleum oil or hazardous materials.
It being chilly and damp, I dug out a knife blade(hardened & tempered, not polished) to try it on.   Sanded it shiny with 220-grit paper, wiped it down with the stuff- a very light smell, not unpleasant- and I've got it sitting outside; we'll see how that goes.

*Rifle was a levergun in .45 Colt made available for this
**Not the most rigorous of testing methods, but it'll do

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Pawpaw said...

Nitrile gloves? Okay.

Bad smell? Like Hoppe's?

I went to ATF (automatic transmission fluid) ten years ago and never looked back.