Monday, December 18, 2017

In a piece on 11 things a conservative should ask

on a first date:
Here’s a good way to find out. Offer to drive your date, in a Ford F-150 pick-up truck with no catalytic converter, to a local wood fire BBQ joint that advertises, “We have the best ribs and the biggest carbon footprint in town!”

If your date’s response is, “But that seems like a socially irresponsible earth-crime against Gaia,” go alone. If your date’s response is, “Let’s Uber instead so we can both drink lots of beer,” consider proposing marriage.

Prosecutors and cops who need to be fired- at the least- aren't unique to the US:
Now, the judge has called for an inquiry at the “very highest level” to understand why police failed to hand over critical evidence including 40,000 messages from the accuser to Mr Allan and friends.
Mr Allan’s lawyers had already sought access to the accusers’s telephone records and messages but their requests were denied on the basis there was nothing of interest in them.
Ignore all else wrong with this: how much time and money and manpower went into prosecuting this guy WHEN THEY KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT?  From the new prosecutor:
“There was a terrible failure in disclosure which was inexcusable,” he said. “There could have been a serious miscarriage of justice, which could have led to a very significant period of imprisonment and life on the sex offenders register. It appears the officer in the case has not reviewed the disk, which is quite appalling.”
A: There WAS a serious miscarriage of justice.
B: If you actually believe 'the officer has not reviewed the disk'... if he didn't then fire the bastard for being incompetent; if he did and lied about it, fire him for that.
But don't worry, they're carrying out an 'urgent assessment'.  I'm sure that'll make a big difference.

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