Monday, December 18, 2017

Portland was already on my list of cities I don't think you could pay me enough

to live in.  Now we find out the Mayor is a racist bastard; yeah, blame the black guy, you asshat.
On Thursday, Wheeler blamed his city’s wave of homelessness on the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, attacking Secretary Ben Carson for failing to “provide solutions.”
Let's see... YOU haven't told the cops to actually arrest people doing things like auto burglaries, crapping in store lobbies, and attacking people, YOU have no problem with 'protestors' closing down stores for daring to complain about it, YOU have basically- for years- told store owners and working people "Screw you, just suck it up and keep paying taxes; NOW you want to blame Ben Carson?

Hey, Portland, when all these businesses leave or just shut down, who do you think the Mayor & Friends will want to raise taxes on to fill the hole?

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0007 said...

Interesting that this problem up there didn't start happening until a repub took over that particular fed office...N. O. T!!!.
The GE should tell Carson to draft a letter to that illegal, commie / fascist loving mayor to the effect that as soon as he let's ICE start arresting the illegals in his town he'd(Carson) will give that screed all the consideration that it was due.