Tuesday, December 26, 2017

No kidding

What people can do with what they buy at the gun store doesn’t bother me much. It’s what the brilliant molecular biologist who has gone sideways can do in his basement in mayonnaise jars that absolutely terrifies me.
Which is the basis for a number of books, including this series.

It's cold out there, and I'm way behind in some things, so that's it for now; I'll be back.


mark leigh said...

Someone somewhere will weaponize biology.What scares me is the power that most governments have to do not only this but genetic modification of humans. The prize is irresistible some idiot will set out to create super soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Or someone will use it to make a more docile population. They do it now with lithium in water and the mass prescribing of adhd drugs. But imagine if they could make humans who would never question what they were told or who would gladly go without so their betters could have more.


Kevin said...

One of the scariest books I ever read was "The White Plague", by Frank Herbert, about that very subject.

Scientist goes off the deep end after this wife and kids are killed in a terrorist attack. Several weeks later, 90% of the world's male population dies.

Scary stuff.