Thursday, December 28, 2017

If you've got kids or relatives in college,

what kind of crap are they being taught?
A professor recently encouraged students to break the law in order to “destroy” the system of “white democracy,” saying the American flag doesn’t even represent about half of them.
Etc.  Ignoring that if this society were as bad as he paints it, he'd be in a camp.  Like the ones his precious socialist societies always build.

This.  Is.  CNN.
CNN anchor Pamela Brown interviewed New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks for five straight minutes on Wednesday without once asking him about the taxpayer-funded settlement paid out to a former staffer after he allegedly fired her in retaliation for reporting a donor-related sexual assault.

So: if you shop at some chain store, you're supporting racism and probably racist.  But if you shop at a farmers market, you're racist too.
The short version of leftist belief: If you're white, you're racist. If you're not white, you can call for the death of all white people(or just 'all whiteness') and that's not racist or bigoted, because whites are to blame.  For everything.

I swear, at some point in the near future some idiot's going to announce that white people created smallpox or the plague.

They've announced that it'll probably hit single-digits for New Year; if you think I'm going to be out in that, among a bunch of drunks, to celebrate... you're wrong.

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