Saturday, August 12, 2017

Well, that's weird

Get home late and find a message that sounds like it came from a bad cell-phone connection, saying something about a missing child and 'if you have any information', I get suspicious.

I get more so when I try the number I managed to pick out and there's no 'This is' business or agency answering message, it goes straight to voicemail.

What the hell kind of scam is going around now?


Anonymous said...

Dan said...

This kind of scam is related to the 'your grandkids are in trouble' scam where someone calls an elderly person pretending to be a grandkid in trouble. They say they need bail money or money to get their car out of impound or whatever. The grandparent panics and sends the invariably turns out to be a rip off but the elderly are easier to scam, more trusting and don't understand some of modern tech as much. No matter what the issue is demand proof. Demand a valid call back number. If it involves a legal issue ask if the police were called, if so what agency etc. In short don't trust...DO verify.