Thursday, August 10, 2017

Had a chance to shoot at a place with 200 yards for rifle today;

there's something very satisfying about making a gong ring and dance at distance.

Speaking of, this was the first time to try a couple of things at ranges longer than 100, and one of them was the .338 project rifle.  Standard zero I have for it is about 1-1.5" above POA at 100; that turns out to be dead-on at 200.  Friend I was with was impressed at how 200-grains made that gong bounce, and his girlfriend loved it, too; between the AR action and a good recoil pad, didn't bother her at all.

And now he wants one.  AR or bolt, he's liking the idea of that cartridge as a backup for his .300 Winchester Mag.

Also fired the Sharps, trying some loads at 100 and seeing how it did at 100.
I made a mistake, and used a different target than I usually do for testing; the loads shot well, but I think I might've had a bit better groups using the other targets.

I did find that, once the amount of sight adjustment needed was found, making the gong ring was no problem.  And fun.  Which reminds me, I need to find a morning with nothing important holding and cast a bunch of bullets.

Also, no problems with the Blackhorn 209 loads

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B said...

You still paper patching the 45-70?

What load are you using with the Blackthorn?