Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Well, yesterday was fun

I've been having a problem with one foot.  Short version: regular doc kept saying 'gout', even though the blood test didn't bear that out.  Finally gave up on him, went to podiatrist.  "NOT gout" says he, which led to x-ray, which led to finding cracked bone in foot.  So 'be easy on it and use these pads, and hopefully it'll heal.  Otherwise, surgery.'

That was followed by taking Security Staff(Jr.) to the vet, where what I thought might be an infected tear duct or something was diagnosed as a tumor(hopefully benign), which will require surgery.

Today?  Besides getting ready, there's a chance of some weather later today, and the news station I usually listen to will spend half their time yelling "SEVERE!!  WEATHER AWARE!!"  Etc.


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