Monday, May 15, 2017

Scene from the range

Guy's girlfriend wants to try shooting, so he brings her in.  And wound up renting four or five different firearms.  She was absolutely delightful to look upon, but-

possibly even better was her face when they were done and asked if she'd enjoyed it.  Almost literally lit up, smiled, laughed, told us she'd had a ball and planned to come back again.

And one more joins the clan.


Larry said...

Girlfriend? Sounds like solid wife material to me.

David said...

I was at an IDPA match this weekend when I heard someone calling my name. A friend who I hadn't seen in at least five years came running up to me. He was shooting on another squad, at I think, his second match. He had the biggest grin on his face and was very excited to share that he was "loving this!" It's great to see such joy when someone discovers the joy of shooting.


Firehand said...

It is.

Larry, unless there's some hidden crazy in there, he'd better get a ring on her soon.

Larry said...

Ha! There's always hidden crazy. Trick is rooting it out and channeling it in the right direction... ;-)