Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Secretary of Army nominee actually believes in Constitution; HuffPo loses mind

Such as it was.
Amanda Terkel, the melodramatic politics editor of the Huffington Post, mocked Green’s constitutionally-accurate position, noting that in a 2013 speech, Green said citizens should be able to own pretty much whatever they want, including aircraft carriers. She thought that the idea of Americans owning warships was absurd.

Nicely said.
I have posed these kinds of questions to environmental activists many times and never received an answer other than, “You must hate science.” I really don’t hate science, though. I love science. I hate faux-science. I hate leftist dogma disguised as science. I hate activism that calls itself science. I hate bad conclusions drawn from science. I hate hypocrisy. I hate inconsistency. These also happen to be all of the reasons why I hate climate change alarmism.

Some of the people they accused need to find out who these idiots are, and sue them for damages.  And if it turns out the school knew and did nothing, add them to it.

That would get your attention.

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