Monday, May 01, 2017

A: Couldn't happen to a nicer asshat.

Well, one negligent left-wing fellow apparently let slip that time-honored advice during rioting in Berkeley, California, recently — and paid for it.

And sadlywonderfully(there, fixed it), his comeuppance came courtesy of what appear to be his fellow marauding “anti-fascists” — a misnomer if there ever was one.

B: Take note: hitting someone in the face with a skateboard is not trivial, that's an attempt to do serious, possibly fatal, damage.  That's what these assholes consider 'discussion' with people they don't agree with.

Sooner or later they WILL kill or cripple someone(they've tried hard enough already); that happens, and the cops don't act, guess what comes next?  And that will be Bad.

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