Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Paraphrasing Kim, 'Drive-by phone snatches' my ass,

why isn't this being called armed robbery and treated appropriately?
As officers battle an epidemic of moped muggings, police are now warning the public not to stand on a curb or street corner with their phone in their hand or risk having it torn from their grasp by thugs who can sell on a single handset for £100.
Part of the problem is noted in the third paragraph:
Up to 50,000 offences a year are being committed by thieves on scooters and mopeds in the capital, while some teenage thieves are being arrested up to 80 times but not sent to jail.

What's that?  Why 'armed robbery'?
The warning come after a spate of muggings in central London, with riders using weapons such as machetes and hammers to intimidate and injure their victims as they try and snatch their mobile phones.
So much for the 'We don't have your violent crimes in Britain!' bullshit.

Also note that being found in possession of a cartridge without a permit- or bringing a found firearm to the police to turn it in- can get you thrown in prison, these little shits aren't going to jail?

More reason to be so damned glad some of my ancestors got the hell out of those islands.


Phelps said...

I really shouldn't go to England. First thing I thought was, "these clowns are doubled up on a bike. Body check that mofo and watch them both, at best, end up skittering across the concrete on their heads, and at very very best, trapped under a few hundred pounds of Fagio scooter.

They've got a hammer? I've got fucking boots, and they'll be in prime leather shampoo range.

Bet they drop the hammer.

Bet I pick it up.

Toastrider said...

Bet you get thumped with an assault charge, Phelps.

Remember, (formerly) Great Britain now has that wonderful (/sarc) concept called 'proportionate response'; if you somehow 'overdo' it, you're the one in trouble.

Whereas in the free states here, beating an armed attacker down with a chair is simply considered 'needs must when the devil drives'.

Phelps said...

Oh, I know, that's why I said I shouldn't go.

On the other hand, I get arrested, I call the consulate, they come by with a sob story about cultural differences, I explain that I reacted without thinking because that's what you do in Texas and did I mention that I was from Texas I bet you could tell that from listening to me, and... after all that I would take a wager that they would let me go with a stern warning not to do that again in Olde Blighty and let me travel home.

And by wager, I mean I'm taking them off that fucking bike. After all, do they really want the story out there that "Texan gets mugged in London, victim is charged with assault"? When they do it to their own people, it's not a story. When they do it to a foreigner, now it's a story.