Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ok, dumbasses, do you WANT the Sons of Odin

and a new Crusade?  Because crap like this is how you'll get them.
Five Afghan teens who filmed themselves gang-raping a boy under the age of 15 will not be deported from Sweden — because they would be “hit very hard” by such a punishment.
The Afghans have been found guilty of aggravated rape, but instead of being deported, they will serve sentences between 13-15 months. These child rapists cannot be deported, because they would be “hit very hard” as Afghanistan is unsafe, the court said.
And Sweden is becoming unsafe for Swedes, who're being 'hit very hard' by the crime these people are committing.

And you work to keep people from knowing about the crimes whenever you can, and downplay them, and call anyone who demands action a racist, and cause more and more people to decide "Screw this, if the government won't act, we'll have to."

Going to wind up being real interesting times over there.

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