Friday, December 30, 2016

No surprise; to these people the female is always a victim, and the male

always a victimizer.
Those last 2 sentences of Dauber's are — as her use the word "garner" suggests — disingenuous. The accused and the accuser are not in the same position, and the panel isn't voting to pick one of 2 individuals who are vying for the same thing. It's not a question of equality. It's a question fairness — giving enough process to the one who faces a very serious deprivation. 
ADDED: I don't like Dauber's reference to the "victim" and the "respondent." The absence of parallelism shows the strain. Before the outcome is determined, it is emotive and biased to call one person the "victim." Dauber is decorous enough to avoid saying the word that goes with "victim":  "perpetrator." She says "respondent." The word that goes with "respondent" is "complainant."

Borrowed from Huffman, 'This is what they think of you':
Isn’t it great to be a gun owner? Without your weapons, you’d probably have to face up to being an ignorant redneck loser, but with guns you’re the man!
And if you don't agree with them, you're a horrible beast who wants children to die!!

A: Tucson city government is violating the law.  And about to pay a serious price(it SHOULD come out of the pockets of the idiots responsible).  And it demonstrates what they're really after, and what's actually wrong with them:
FBI background check registrations are insufficient to these people. They begged and pleaded and campaigned for background checks, and now want more, but they're obviously not enough. The smelter is the real issue.

This is the topic Tucson raises -- violation of law by elected officials in pursuit of the same irrational perverse goal their fellow leftists pursue at everyone's dangerous expense. It is an impossible attempt to quench their paranoid fears by suppressing the rights of innocent people everywhere. The notion of guns in the public's hands is simply unacceptable to them. It's not political, it's medical, they're hoplophobic, and a dire threat to freedom. Their unbalanced actions qualify them for removal from setting public policy and destroying valuable public property in the process, in violation of law.

Actually, I tend to think the only reason is 'surprises' anyone(and they're all his supporters that I can tell) is because they know how much money Jewish groups put into the Democrat Party, and they're surprised he'd endanger that.
Think about it. When we celebrate Chanukah, we celebrate the Maccabees’ battle for Jerusalem, for control of the eternal Jewish capital. And on the eve of Chanukah, Obama declared the Western Wall, the only remnant of the Second Temple, occupied territory.
Every empire or ruler who ever made war against the Jewish people has disappeared from the face of the earth. Some are barely memories. Obama and his enablers — especially his Jewish supporters — are destined to suffer the same ignoble fate.

Many of my friends in synagogue append the traditional Jewish phrase “Yemach shemo” (may his name be erased) to any mention of Obama.

The only surprise about Obama’s perfidy is that it surprises anyone. One of Obama’s closest friends back in Chicago was Rashid Khalidi, an arch-terrorist and Jew-hater. A tape of a speech by Obama at a dinner in Khalidi’s honor is so poisonous to Jews that the Los Angeles Times keeps it under lock and key.

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