Thursday, December 29, 2016

A: Something under the ice? Sure.

Lots of things out there we don't know about.

B: Nazi base from WWII?  That big?  You off your meds, or what?

Another "Yes, we lied, and we did this to damage the US and empower Iran" from Dear Leader:
Last week, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) posted documents revealing that President Obama granted Iran permission to stockpile uranium in excess of the 300 kilogram limit set by the nuclear deal. Jenna Lifhits of the Weekly Standard has the story.

The exemptions had been kept secret for almost a year. However the Trump administration reportedly intended to make them public, which may be why the IAEA decided to reveal them.
The Obama administration didn’t just keep the exemptions secret. Apparently, it denied their existence. According to Lifhits:
Some details of the exemptions had previously been leaked. The Institute for Science and International Security revealed in September that Iran had been allowed to exceed certain caps in the deal so that the country could come into compliance with the deal’s terms.
Administration officials dismissed the. . .report at the time.
In other words, the administration was dishonest. What else is new?

Well, if you're this concerned about people finding out what your reading list is, maybe you're doing something you don't want people to know about.  And when you're a teacher/professor, people damn well have a right to know what you're teaching.  Deal with it.

Speaking of academics, remember when the left valued other views, and tolerance thereof?

Not so much.
A professor at Georgetown University went into an unbelievable foul-mouthed meltdown that lasted 31 days after a Muslim ex-colleague said she voted for Donald Trump. 

C Christine Fair, an associate professor at the Center for Peace and Security Studies, was incensed after Asra Q Nomani, 'lifelong liberal', wrote an article about voting for Donald Trump as a Muslim immigrant. 

That led to a month of abuse on social media - including insults and threats of lawsuits - The Daily Caller reported.
The same kind of idiot who screams "RACISM!" if someone on the right looks sideways at a muslim.  But those are 'good' muslims, I guess; 'bad' ones are open targets.

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