Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'd just about pay to watch both of these

7. I will hope he is sufficiently Machiavellian to nominate Ted Cruz for the Scalia vacancy on the Supreme Court.

8. And then he could make a personal appearance there, shouting and waving his little hands. That could create three more vacancies.
And in general,
16. One learns such things from e.g. The Buchan Observer, published near where Trump owns a golf course. Hence their headline yesterday: “Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential election.”

17. It is said that the President-elect scares people; foreigners especially. This is the good news. The more they fear him, the better chance of peace.

18. Have you noticed that people who accuse him of hate crimes are frothing at the mouth? … No? …
19. I have.

Higher Education...
Staffers at the University of Michigan Law School scheduled a post-presidential election event entitled “Post-election Self-care with Food and Play.”

The event, featuring Play-Doh, bubbles and Legos, has now apparently been canceled — possibly in response to heaps of ridicule.

The reason the attitude toward 'right-wing hate crimes' is 'Screw you, let's see the evidence": because so damned many of them are fake.

It's been kind of amazing watching some people I'd thought level-headed absolutely lose their shit over this election.  And more than a little disturbing.  Especially among people who've shown they'll ignore felony crimes and disgusting behavior to vote for someone because of her genitals(and the 'D' after her name).

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Anonymous said...

Trump will do exactly NONE of the stuff he said he would do. He is just another Neo-Con. This will be a "Bush III" president who will no more "change" DC than the last 24 presidents did. The only way to "change direction" in DC is to kill EVERYONE involved and bulldoze DC into the Atlantic. If your "vote" could actually change things, it wouldn't be allowed.---Ray