Saturday, November 19, 2016

I think the President's advice was to 'punch back twice as hard';

people he didn't intend to fight back are taking that advice.

AGs abuse their position and authority, sooner or later there'll be a reaction, and I'm happy to see it happen.

Concerns about student safety [stemming from potential confrontations] and potential disruptions prompted administrators at Lincoln Public Schools’ Career Academy to ask welding students not to fly U.S. flags on their vehicles from holders they made in class….
“[O]ut of an abundance of caution” for both LPS and SCC students, Career Academy administrators asked students not to fly the flags again in the parking lot.
If they're worried about a reaction, they need to tell people whining about the American flag to get over themselves.

Superintendent had the proper reaction:
“We respect the rights of students to display their flags. We should not have asked our students to remove them. We believe that decision was in error and we believe this could easily and understandably have been misinterpreted as infringing on rights of freedom of expression and speech.”
but the fact that the school actually thought this was a good idea is not a good thing.

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