Saturday, September 03, 2016

I'm going to steal Tam's words on '3rd-Degree-Ass' Clinton's excuses

This is about as plausible as "the dog ate my homework". She claimed she didn't know that the "c" meant "confidential", that nobody told her that she should retain work emails as they are part of the public record. Further along in the article, she throws her staff under the bus, in effect claiming that her underlings and minions told the dog to eat her homework.
That's some Grade A leadership there, right? Makes you wanna sign right up for that outfit, no?
There's some more.


Country Boy said...

There have been a lot of complaints that Trump might wake up angry one morning and push "The Button". Now we find out Clinton might forget what it's for and push it thinking it's the intercom.

Windy Wilson said...

Good one, CB!

Firehand said...

Pretty much. You've got two choices:
She's a horrible liar about EVERYTHING, to anyone, all the time,
she's actually this incompetent and/or brain-damaged.