Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mr. Young, you were there and it scares you;

just thinking about it scares me.
Here are some ruminations from a guy who has actually been on the ground when the shit hits the fan. Back in ‘92…. **** When the rioting came within two miles of my house, I spent the day sitting on my porch, smoking my pipe, reading with a shotgun on the table. To be more precise, a riot gun. Just so you know a pistol can be scary, but shotguns carry a very distinct message — namely, “I ain’t playing.” (The survival rate with shotguns is waaaaaaaay lower than with pistols.) I wasn’t playing.
Here’s the issue with official numbers. They DON’T tell us how many rioters/ looters were killed or injured in/by ‘neighborhoods’ rebuffing them.
I tell you this because when you watched live broadcasting of the riots, you repeatedly saw rioters being turned back by coming under fire by someone protecting their property. I can guarantee you they weren’t ‘warning shots.’ (In Koreatown, there were snipers on the roof.)

Does present an interesting question: what was the actual body count?  And how many of it came from "Assholes, you're not going to burn my shop/home/friend!" followed by loud noises?

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mark leigh said...

I watched Watts 65 from Santa Barbara and see no need to live in any riot prone area. The urban slums and welfare ghettos are a tinder pile of angry envy with nothing to lose and no real stake in the community.