Saturday, September 03, 2016

If you've been thinking about a rotary tumbler,

Midway has the Lyman Cyclone on clearance.

Hillary Clinton used at least 13 mobile phones while secretary of State, many of which cannot be found, according to an FBI report released Friday.

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin told the FBI the former first lady often replaced her BlackBerry.

It wasn't uncommon, she said, for Clinton to use a new BlackBerry for a few days before switching it out for an older version "with which she was more familiar."

The sim cards to old devices were disposed of by aides, but the whereabouts of the devices in question would "frequently become unknown" once she transitioned to a different device.
When the Department of Justice requested 13 devices as part of the investigation, they were unable to be located. 

"As a result, the FBI was unable to acquire or forensically examine any of these 13 mobile devices," reads the report.
This is my surprised face.

My question now is "Will Nifong and the cops involved be held to account?  Or do they get away with it?"
In a three-day hearing this week, Scheck, Seema Saifee, a staff attorney for the Innocence Project, and Jim Cooney, a Charlotte attorney who helped with the case, argued that not only did they have DNA evidence of another man’s sperm inside Washington but they also had evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.

Before the trial in 1995, the defense team argued, Durham police and Mike Nifong, then an assistant district attorney assigned to the case, withheld key evidence from the attorneys who defended Howard at trial.

Investigators had DNA evidence at trial collected from the mother and daughter and compiled in sexual assault kits that were tested by the state crime lab.

When the tests excluded Howard as a DNA match, Nifong – who since has been disbarred for his prosecutorial misconduct in the Duke lacrosse case – and a lead detective said the case had never been investigated as a sexual assault.

But a second look at the case showed that police and prosecutors had a police memo in their files that contradicted that.
There's no excuse.  Zero.  They had solid evidence that this guy didn't do it and they hid it.  Apparently because throwing SOMEONE in jail was more important than finding the actual criminal.

This also opens up 'how many other cases Nifong was involved in had crap like this going on?'

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