Sunday, August 07, 2016

So a former military clown writes that ISIS and the NRA are much alike

Proving that having served doesn't mean you're not a friggin' idiot.
Let’s get something straight here: ISIS is a FUCKING TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!! I don’t know how that point can be stressed any harder. ISIS has a history of BURNING PEOPLE ALIVE. ISIS MURDERS CHILDREN including SHOOTING A 2-YEAR OLD and BEHEADING A 4-YEAR OLD. ISIS HAS COMMITTED GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The NRA as an organization or its members individually have done none of those things. The NRA does not condone the murder of innocents. The NRA does not condone the murder of children. The NRA has committed no acts of terrorism against the United States, its citizenry, or any of its allies. Is this, somehow, not perfectly clear? I think Antonin Scalia was right, Liberals live in a world where “words have no meaning.”

They also lie:
Despite, all of the zombie lies (ones that won’t die) no current government official or candidate has called for repealing the Second Amendment or confiscating all guns.
Really?  Not Feinstein, or all the others who have- and still- call for repeal, and bans, and confiscation?

John B. Alexander, you're either ignorant of what you speak, or you're a lying bastard.  I'm betting on the latter.

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