Friday, August 12, 2016

Looking for less punishing loads

for that .45-70, did some digging around and came up with something:
This is a .45 caliber 255-grain semi-wadcutter intended for the .45 Colt.*

This is that bullet with a paper patch that wraps it three times

This is that bullet loaded over 10.0 grains of Unique
 Overall length is 2.54".

The patch goes on wet.  Once it's dry you take that patched bullet, wipe the outside lightly with lube, and push it through a sizing die(in this case .459").  That takes a bullet that mikes .452" and makes it useable- for light loads- in a .457 bore.  Shoots pretty well out to 50 yards(longest tried, ought to give it a shot at 100 just to see), recoil is light, so it works out pretty well.  Less lead, less powder, and less recoil makes a nice plinking load.

 *Yes, that bullet's not good, I grabbed it from the 'melt' bag for the picture

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