Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good, this is what should happen to corrupt prosecutors

Prosecutors who intentionally withhold or falsify evidence could be charged with a felony under a new bill winding through the state Legislature.
The proposal by Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, D-San Fernando, comes as prosecutors in Orange County face accusations that they’ve routinely misused jailhouse informants and withheld information from defense attorneys.
Lots of butthurt is being heard from who you'd expect
Opposing the measure is the 500-member union representing Orange County lawyers, including deputy district attorneys, public defenders and county counsel. The group’s board on Tuesday voted 8-3 to oppose the bill.
“There are already safeguards in place to deal with the things the bill is trying to address,” Guirguis said. “There’s no evidence there’s an explosion of intentional violations.”
Yeah?  Really?  How're those safeguards working?
But the problem of prosecutorial misconduct predates Orange County’s snitch controversy. A 2010 study by Santa Clara University School of Law looked at misconduct statewide, concluding: “Courts fail to report prosecutorial misconduct (despite having a statutory obligation to do so), prosecutors deny that it occurred, and the California State Bar almost never disciplines it...The problem is critical.”
Sounds like your 'safeguards' aren't working, jackass.  Of course, the same thing will be a problem with this: judges who don't want to actually whack another lawyer with real penalties, and prosecutors who don't want to be held to the law they're supposed to uphold.


Phil said...

Damn, I am trying to remember if it wasn't Orange county, some time last year, that AN ENTIRE LAW FIRM was told they couldn't try cases in a county court because of rampant abuse.
I really want to say it was Orange county but I am positive it was in California.

Phil said...

Might have been Los Angeles county. My memory is pretty much shot these days.
So many legal scandals, so little time.
It was one of the two.

Anonymous said...

This is the case in every county and every court in America. 99% of all convictions are obtained by the use of falsified , planted or illegally obtained evidence. 65% of the 21 million people in the legal "system" were innocent of the charge that they were convicted of. The USA has the largest prison "population" in human history. Larger than communist China the old USSR and Nazi Germany COMBINED. If you have enough money you will never be convicted of anything in the USA. If you have no money you can be convicted of anything. "Innocents is no bar to conviction or imprisonment"(USSC 2000) The ENTIRE system is corrupt from top to bottom.---Ray